Monday, May 4, 2015


I had THE best time going through all of these amazing submissions! Sunshine makes me happy!

You all did a fantastic job!! Congratulations to the featured and thank you all for participating. ♥


I love this for its simplicity.. the soft glowing tones and her calm expression. ♥

Ahh I love that golden light.. so peaceful.
Takes me back to when I was this little. Always wanting to explore new places.

Don't you just love those relaxing evenings? When the light is low and it's just quiet? That's the feeling I get when I look at this. ♥

I love seeing children play, it makes my heart happy! This is just a gorgeous shot. Very warm and comforting.

Ah the beach.. my happy place! I love the colors and soft edit. Makes me want to lay in the sand and just listen to the ocean. ♥ ♥

I really love the perspective captured here! The sky is striking as well! Such a cool photo. ♥

Too cute! Look at those cute curls! I thought this was an interesting take on the theme. 

This instantly made me stop and stare! I love the simplicity and that gorgeous golden sunshine! too beautiful for words... ♥ ♥

I love this so much! It makes me feel adventurous! The colors are beautiful. And the little girl just adds to the loveliness. ♥

 I almost squealed when I saw this! The perspective is neat in this image. I love Volkswagen vans. ♥ I also love all the colors. Makes me want to be there, taking a ride to the middle of nowhere on a warm summer evening. ♥ 

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