Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Saying Farewell | Triple Theme Inspiration

We send our final farewell to "Pearls and Roses" and say hello to "A Photographer's Chronicle"!

While I am a bit saddened because that is the name I began with, so it will always be special to me.  BUT I am more excited than sad to start this new chapter.  I feel it will be good for others as well as for me. When doing things, we tend to exclude ourselves, but please if you are excluding yourself from big changes like these, put yourself in there as well!  Don't ever try to please every soul on this earth because you can't, do what you can handle first and as time goes by someone may come along to help you with it and you can up the options.   So this is what is was like for me, although I wasn't trying to please everyone, I felt my page didn't do "enough" like some other pages, like I had themes and top tens and that was it! My failure was to even think that, and I bit off more than I could chew.

So basically this change is to minimize things and have a name that focuses on the pages purpose.  I have always been inspired by other artists stories, why they chose to do what they do.  Because each has their own magical story!

Here we are the three final themes of  P&R.  The themes below are "Windblown" "Change" and "Autumn", there will be 5 images in each theme, but the three winners of each theme are at the very bottom of the post! Enjoy!!




"Windblown" Winner:

"Changes" Winner:

"Autumn" Winner: 

Thank you all who submitted! It was a challenge to narrow these down! You all have so much talent! And I hope you keep on sharing it with us even if we under go these changes!